Did Black People Arrive in the Americas before Columbus?

Most of us were taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. We were also taught that the first black people to arrive in the Americas were enslaved Africans. What if none of these were true? In fact, there is strong evidence pointing to the fact that Columbus was probably not the first non-native American to set foot in the Americas. So, if Columbus was not first, then who was?

Christopher Columbus first arrived on the American continent in 1492. He left Europe hoping to find a direct route to Asia, and instead stumbled upon the Americas. He became known as the man who discovered the new world of the Americas, and Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday in October each year

First, let me backup and talk about the use of the word discovery for a second. The Oxford dictionary definition of the word is this: an act or the process of finding somebody/something, or learning about something that was not known about before. 

The question then became, if America was known by the native Americans because they lived there, how can one say that they discovered it? On the other hand, some people claim that the simple definition of discovery is seeing something for the first time. In which case, we all discovered America. I came here in 2008 so I can also claim I discovered America in 2008. 

Note that the term America here refers to the continent America.

Anyway.. This is besides the point of this topic. The point is that contrary to what most people believe, the presence of black people in America may not have begun with slavery.

In fact, evidence shows that West Africans have sailed across the Atlantic ocean to the Americas at least 180 years before Christopher Columbus. 

In particular, let me introduce you to Mansa Abu Bakar II, king of the ancient kingdom of Mali in West Africa. Mansa Abu Bakar was an educated man, who was curious to know  what was behind the Atlantic Ocean. In 1311, he sent some of his men with enough provisions to last them years on 200 ships to explore the limits of the ocean. He ordered them to not return until they find what is behind the Atlantic ocean. 

It is said that only one ship returned and when asked what happened, the captain responded “We traveled for a long time and there appeared in the open sea a river with a powerful current. The other ships went on ahead but when they reached that place, they did not return and no more was seen of them. As for me, I went about it once and did not enter the river”. 

So, king Abu Bakari II decided to assemble even more ships, two thousands to be exact; he equipped them with food, water, livestock, gold, and other provisions, left the throne to his brother Mansa Musa, and went to explore himself. 

They apparently never returned, so the question is: did they ever reach the Americas? Looking at evidence that modern historians, archaeologists, and researchers are now bringing to light, the answer appears to be yes! The evidence and sources I found to support include:

  1. According to Leo Weiner in his book entitled Africa and the Discovery of America, Columbus reported in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.” It appears the native Americans described the spearheads as “guanin”, which means “gold” in the Mandinka language – a language of the Mali Empire.
  2. Columbus also reported seeing mosque-like buildings when he arrived in America. In fact, the people from the Kingdom of Mali were Muslims, so they may have built mosques while there.
  3. African skeletons were discovered in America and studies show that the skeletons are from the 13th century and most likely related to Mansa Abu Bakr’s voyage.
  4. The Garifuna people: I came across an episode from the New York Botanical Garden (linked below), where they invited a group of people known as Garinagu. In explaining how they came about, they mentioned the fusion of Africans from the kingdom of Mali with native Americans. 

The evidence is there. The books are there. The articles are there. The problem is that history is written from a Eurocentric perspective. We’ve been brainwashed to believe that black people have not accomplished anything major in the world, when in fact Black people have done extraordinary things from the very beginning. Otherwise, why is none of this taught in school? Why is it that these historical records never made it to history books being used in schools? 

You know.. when I was first told this by one of my followers, I thought: here goes another one who spreads lies on the internet. I didn’t believe it until I heard the story of the Garifuna people. The presence of the Malians on American soil may also contribute to explaining the presence of African crops in the Americas.

What is still not being argued, based on what I read, is that Columbus did introduce the Americas to much of Europe and facilitated the establishment of European settlements there. From there, colonization, slavery and everything else you know followed.  

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Quick disclaimer. This is not saying that Mansa Abu Bakr and/or his people are the first non-native Americans to travel to the Americas. It is merely saying that there is evidence that shows they traveled to the Americas before Columbus. As a matter of fact, I read that the Vikings, and the Chinese traveled there before Mansa Abu Bakari. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 



Sources and articles:

Some of these are affiliate links

They Came Before Columbus, by Van Sertima

Africa and the Discovery of America, by Leo Weiner 




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRO1XLRlRhM (you can start around the 17 min mark)


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I hope you enjoyed this read.

Love, M

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79 Responses

    1. There is evidence that’s been dug up by archeologists and others that Africans were here in the U.S. long before Columbus. The remains of masjids (mosques), and other structures, have been found and dated to few hundred years before 1492. So, physical evidence, like what the Noresemen left here, has been found to support pre-Columbus African “discovery”

      1. l am sorry..no evidence of pre Columbian mosques has ever been found in the Americas.Also Columbus did not say he saw mosques..that is a mids quote from a redacted report by Bartelome des las Casas ..who was not on Columbus first voyage…
        He wrote….”Remarking on the position of the river and port, to which he gave the name of San Salvador, he describes its mountains as lofty and beautiful, like the Pena de las Enamoradas, and one of them has another little hill on its summit, like a graceful mosque. The other river and port, in which he now was, has two round mountains to the S.W., and a fine low cape running out to the W.S.W.”

      1. You guys keep saying it’s all true. But you don’t have any evidence. You talk about evidence, but you don’t actually have any.
        You want it to be true, that’s the real problem.
        Get some evidence, something, everything i’ve read to press on this site is merely
        speculative. For instance; where the author cites Columbus as saying in his journals
        that there were blacks there, well , buy a translated copy of the journals and point it out.

        1. absolutely, and it’s so rascist and insulting when pos blacks say words like white washing or white lies,as if their not a lying sack of shit culture,they hate that everything of significance can factually be traced to great europeans,and most stories about man’s Musa are made up black lies and black washing,they insult us but use all our inventions,we don’t need peanut butter or Holcomb lol

          1. Right all of your great European inventions just like Columbus “discovered America” .. and if you weren’t such an ignorant bigot with an Infinitesimal source of knowledge you’d know black America invented and contributed more than just peanut butter. Also there’s nothing great about scurvy, influenza and disease ridden war mongers. But I digress I can’t argue with a fool.

          2. y’all getting scared..your white lies are being exposed and the “Black African” truth is coming out..prove them wrong!

          3. You don’t need your navigation GPS or your cell phone don’t use the traffic light oR heart surgery oh don’t use the refrigerator or the interior of the light bulb forget the horse shoe and your ironing board video home surveillance gear shift clothes dryer how about looking up black inventions you know/ not the ones your history books tell you the ones that make your life easy like gas heating furnace guided missiles pace maker /super soaker touch tone telephone almanacs striking wall clock /the Jenny coupler /gas mask (separation of plutonium from uranium ) (laser beam power adjustment) automatic elevator /doors the laser to remove cataracts steam engines for ships safety deposit box ice cream scooper /satellite imagery to study the earths surface /illusion transmitter. Aka (3D) /fire escape ladder /potato chips /PLASMA SEPARATION /blood banks /street sweeper /wrench /dust pan /directional signals in cars /pencil sharpener (portable) voice message recorder and more oh yeah peanut butter so we have receipts this is one how they hide shit! How about looking up what they use melanin for and guess why our kids are missing!

        2. On my op of this garbage they want to claim they were the Egyptians and the Israelites. They’re also claiming they were Vikings, why is this ok ? How is this not being shit down as disinformation?

        3. so we are allowed to believe that european people brought Africans to the Americas without any proof but we can’t believer we were here before europeans because we don’t have proof??????? and people wonder if they are brainwashed or not well this is proof of a system that brainwashed the people of America!!!

        4. No evidence exists to support the irresponsible, misleading and wholly inaccurate disinformation above.

          Not only do they not teach these ideas in nations that might have a Eurocentric view of events, but neither is it taught in any African nations which do not have a Eurocentric perspective.

          This reminds a farcical occurrence that occurred in 1955 when a West African “scholar”, Marcel Diop, argued vehemently that professional Egyptologists had been concealing a startling fact for over half a century; Diop claimed that the ancient Egyptians were Subsaharan Africans and their characteristic civilization was a Black achievement, and even though this was proven to be incorrect at the time, many were duped into believing this.

          DNA put the matter to rest when it showed that Ancient Egyptians had no Subsaharan DNA to speak of, though modern day Egyptians can have as much as 10% SubsarDNA is an exception not the rule.

          There’s a very good book that was published a few years ago called Homo Sapiens whose author hypothesises that the reason Subsaharan and American native peoples didn’t advance is for a lack of draft animals like horses and cows that could do heavy work, though zebras exists in Africa as well as water buffalo they were never domesticated but in the Americas there largest animal that resembles a draft animal is a llama.

          The second problem these peoples faced was a lack of grain plants like wheat, barely or rice, though corn is native to the Americas and was smaller than a human pinky before Europeans farmed them increasing their size to what we see today it didn’t occur by natives for reasons that remain unexplained.

          Without draft animals and grains it’s not possible to build significant civilizations that have a written language, cities and permit the population to move from hunting gatherers to farming vegetation and the domestication of animals.

          This explains why all major contributions to civilization over the last five thousand years came from Europeans and Asians and not subsaharan Africans or indigenous Americans or Australian peoples.

          It is my own opinion that before subsaharan Africans could build two, never mind 200 or 2000 ships capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the 14th century they would have first needed to moved away from hunting gatherers to farming and there’s absolutely zero evidence that this ever occurred in Black Africa despite having animals that might have been domesticated like Eurasian horses, cows and water buffalo.

          That said all evidence indicates all modern Homo sapiens came out of Africa and there are only small differences in our dna which don’t have anything to do with intelligence.

          1. You should read – Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization (Exploding the Myths)

          2. That’s impossible. The first non-melanated people showed up at 800 BC. The entire world was of color for most of the history of the world. The largest known empire of non-melanated people is the Scythian Empire, the raiders and looters who were adept at riding horses. The partners of Nebuchadnezzar. Their empire spanned North African and North Asia. Their defeat sent them north retreating to the Caucasus Mountains hence the name of current day race. Indeed, the Scythian even the Apostle Paul mentioned was busy raiding and looting the Ancient creations of the Egyptians and other Africans. The Scythians and Celts actually cousins honed their craft of raiding and looting against themselves and were “absorbed” by the “steppes” that break down to the current “European” peoples. Yet, the “discovery” and subsequent occupation was done by no difference of raiding and looting as the very Scythians themselves. Even American economics and social constructs are characterized by a legalization of raiding and looting. Your post reaks of this.

        5. The truth hurts. The evidence or proof is available everywhere. Thanks to social media this information is finally reaching the masses. The days of whitewashing are over.

  1. if Africans discovered America why didn’t they colonize it? I don’t believe Africans discovered America! it’s all baloney! I don’t believe one bit of your story! No way Africans discovered America! you won’t convince me of that, maybe some ignorant fool will believe you, but not me!

    1. You have your mind made so there no way you would ever research it.no they didn’t discover it nor did Columbus but people believe that he did basically it’s stating that blacks were in America before Columbus.

    2. You believe that the US encompass all of America and that my friend is where you are wrong. The Asians discovered the west americas, the Vikings the north East Americas, The Africans South America all 900 to 2000 years before the Europeans got here in 1492 fearing the world was flat. Columbus was late to the party. Believe it or not.

    3. because they didn’t “discover” America. The Vikings Leif Erickson actually came to America 500 years BEFORE this article claims Africans came to America. But yet the “Natives” In America Actually came here from Mongolia.

    4. Not everyone had the need not the want to “colonize” other people. Not everyone is as sadistic, greedy and psychopathic as European colonialists.

      1. Around 727 BC, the Kushite king Piye invaded Egypt, seized control of Thebes and eventually the Delta. His dynasty, the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt, continued until about 671 BC when they were deposed by the Neo Assyrian Empire.
        Africans are just the same . Conquerors, invaders, murderers, slavers. In fact f everyone came from Africa and blacks are the original people, and the ancient Kush empire is one of the oldest then it looks like you have to take credit for inventing slavery and conquest. So it looks like white people are just doing what they we’re taught by much older Empires…. Pooor white people….
        Just doing what their ancestors taught them

        1. While Nubians were in control up upper Egypt for a period of about 60 years it amounted to nothing but a footnote to Egyptian history of more than 5000 years.

          Egyptians are not subsaharan Africans/Black Africans and now that DNA if thousands of Egyptian mummies have been tested it can be stated unequivocally that ancient Egyptians of 3000 BC to the Ptolemaic cica 100AD had zero Black African DNA.

          Black African and Egyptian people influence one another about as much as Finnish and Subsaharan Africans.

          It’s insignificant and one should never be mistaken for the other. They are two completely different peoples.

          Subsaharan Africa remained a hunter gatherer society and contributed next to nothing to world civilization.

          No influence on language, writing, farming, animal husbandry, mathematics, cities, art, architecture to speak of.

          Modern DNA proves a link between Homo sapiens and great apes and a migration of Homo sapiens out of Africa 300,000 years ago after that the distinctive appearances of digerati races began to develop but there was no connection or contact between Eurasia and subsaharan Africa for tens of thousands of years and neither Europeans nor Middle Easterners nor Asian owe anything to their Subsaharan brothers and sisters.

          While Black Africans languished as hunter gatherers, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, but a recent book called Homo Sapiens hypothesises that they languished because there were no grains like wheat, rice and barely native to Black Africa and while Eurasian domesticated horses , water buffaloes as draft animals to do the heavy lifting that made farming possible Black Africans couldn’t or didn’t do the same with zebras and similar animals native to their lands.

          As hunter gathers Black Africans would remain “primitive” as compared to Eurasian cultures. The first domestication of draft animals but also sheep, pigs, cattle, chicken occurs in Eurasia and never occurs in Black Africa. Why? Who knows.. There are plenty of opinions but let’s try to discuss what has been proven.

          Plucking out the almost insignificant “Kush Kingdom” to lay claim that Black Africans were just as developed as Eurasian 2700 years ago is misleading at best. There was some developments in the Kush and Horn of Africa but not Subsaharan Black Africa. One is not the other. They are separate and distinct just as Egyptians are from Subsaharan Africans.

          “Poor white people”, I’m not going to lower myself to racial slurs, that facts speak for themselves but as I stated earlier DNA proves there are very small differences between races what does exist has nothing to do with intelligence.

          Why did Black Africa remain comparatively underdeveloped culturally? That’s for some else to explain I’m not an anthropologist.

          Egyptians enslaved Black Africans and through their depictions of races and their writings it’s evident that Egyptians thought of themselves separately and distinct from Black Africans, Arabians, white European s and Asians.

          Black Africans committed genocides among their own and Europeans seeking slave labor only had to pull into port to trade a pittance for shackled black slaves who were captured by west Africans.

          A vibrant slave trade existed among. Black Africans and the same existed among White Europeans. The word “Slave” is derived from the word to describe Eastern Europeans “Slavic” or “Slavs” who were enslaved by the Greeks and Romans.

          During ancient times of the Egyptians, Persian Empires, Greek and Roman Empires all fought and defeated and enslaved and murdered one another and it didn’t matter the race.

          I’m a direct descendant of an historical anomaly. A Dutch man from the 16th century who was a privateer who was captured by the Barbary Pirates. He converted to Islam and eventually became admiral of the Barbary Pirates and Governor of Moroccan Salee and he worked in concert with the Sultan of Turkey invading costal European towns pirating and enslaving white Europeans for the Muslim Turks.

          His son came to New Amersterdam, possibly the first Muslim in the New World and his inherited pirate money was the foundation of several prominent American fortunes.

          Slavery wasn’t unique to Black Africans though they were the last peoples to be enslaved in large numbers.

          Black Africa has a very small footprint on world civilization. That’s not my opinion. It’s a fact.

          I would ask Blacks who feel inferior because of this to understand that it has nothing to do with DNA and probably a lot to do with geography and luck.

          Gt over it and please stop scapegoating White Europeans for your inferiority complex. You all should think much better of yourselves. I do.

          1. You should read The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea

        1. I was replying to this but it didn’t place it in the thread correctly: Not everyone had the need not the want to “colonize” other people. Not everyone is as sadistic, greedy and psychopathic as European colonialists. “Amen!”

      2. What are you talking about. Who is doing all the stealing from the stores with riots. Who are the people on the coast of Africa stealing from ships in the ocean. Who were the ones that sold the ones they called slaves. Stop pointing fingers when you also are up to your necks in greed yourselves. The whites have made the world to what it is today. Useful to all. You can fly because of whites. You can ride in a nice car because of whites. Most of all the invention in the world are from the west. Look around the world and who are the very ones trying to destroy things instead of building them. Yes there are those that are self motives and love there money. That is in every race. Africa have some of the worst. Killing one and enslaving their own people even today. The west ended Slavery. It still goes on in Africa and other countries. Not better place to live on earth than the USA. I have been other places and that is a fact. Freedom and using your brain to do something beside whining and complaining would be a start. You have nothing blame yourself. Stop making other the reason for your problems. There has never been a place on earth that has been better than the USA. You keep focusing on the problem and you will never find the anwser. What all people problem is what is between our ears.

        1. May be a bit hash but makes some good points about how whites are reacting to black inferiority complex and desire to rewrite history

      3. Interesting you should say that because there’s plenty of evidence that exists to show Black Africans colonizing territories all over subsaharan Africa, committing genocide amongst their own and selling their own into slavery as far back as 3000 BC when Black Subsaharan Africans sold other Subsaharan Black Africans as slaves to Egyptians, or sold them to each other, or sold them to Europeans.

        Europeans didn’t need to disembark and invade the Subsaharan Africa to obtain Black slaves. Their own people brought them in shackles and traded them to Europeans for a pittance.

        Pot meet kettle.

    5. Juan: The truth is, you don’t want to believe that Africans, blacks were in the Americas before Columbus, white people were fact. Africans, are the true first people of the Americas way before the Indian tribes even. Africa, is the nearest continent to the Americas both north and south. You Juan, don’t have to believe it but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s True!!!

      1. no lil bro y’all weren’t in America stop claiming everything natives Americans came from Mongolian, human race originated in Africa but we all traveled miles to become other races, u jus not ready for this convo

        1. Yes, it’s a well established scientific fact that Homo sapiens came out of Africa and races developed due to climate.

          It’s also true that no major contributions to civilization ever came out of Black Africa in recorded human history. Not farming, animal husbandry, formation of cities, writing, mathematics, science, philosophy etc.

          The hallmarks of civilization were developed by Eurasians not subsaharan Africans but our DNA indicates only slight differences and none of those differences has to do with intelligence.

          Geography and luck has more to do with so called hallmarks of civilization than anything else and if anyone wants to understand this better read the book Homo Sapiens.

          1. The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 confirmed humans are 99.9% identical at the DNA level and there is no genetic basis for race.

        2. Yes, it’s a well established scientific fact that Homo sapiens came out of Africa and races developed due to climate.

          It’s also true that no major contributions to civilization ever came out of Black Africa in recorded human history. Not farming, animal husbandry, formation of cities, writing, mathematics, science, philosophy etc.

          The hallmarks of civilization were developed by Eurasians not subsaharan Africans but our DNA indicates only slight differences and none of those differences has to do with intelligence.

          Geography and luck has more to do with so called hallmarks of civilization than anything else.

      2. So called “Indian Tribes” are from Asia and can to the Americas over an ancient land bridge connecting Alaska to Russia where the Bering Strait is today.

        Scholars agree that Asian, the ancestors of all indigenous Americans, arrived in the Americas about 14,000 years ago.

        Except for some Viking settlements that were abandoned 1000 years ago there is absolutely no evidence that any other cultures came to America until Christopher Columbus and oddly he considered his voyage a failure because he and his sponsors sent him to find a shortcut to China and the Spice Islands circumventing the Silk Road.

        The information above is ridiculous and unsupported.

        Black Africans were hunter gathers in the 14th century and incapable of building one ship capable of a long sea voyage nevermind 200 or 2000.

        That’s beyond science fiction and in the realm of fantasy somewhere.

        Sorry to burst anyone’s bubbles but fact is facts.

      1. That’s not true either. Black Africans were still hunter gathers and relatively primitive in the 14th century and not capable of building one seaworthy vessel nevermind 200 or 2000.

        That’s preposterous and unsubstantiated

    6. No one said blacks discovered America. If you would simply pay attention, the evidence shows that Africans got here before Mr. Columbus. Throw away your history books because they’re full of nonsense and lies.

  2. Would have loved reading the true history of this country in elementary school. Its narrow thinking to believe only 1 group of people did everything, medical, agriculture, architecture. Nothing separates us but color….we are human beings with different taste and even our tastes are not always that different. History of this country should include everybody who lived here. Yes there were Asian, Mexican, Indian, African…people from almost everywhere. Isn’t that beautiful, like a garden of colorful flowers.

    1. At the end of the day all races have contributed to the building of America. Some provided the braun while others provided the brains.

      Black Africans were hunter gatherers more or less intl the 18th century and contributed very little to the advancement of civilization between the beginning of recorded history up until more recent times.

      Farming, animal husbandry, language, writing, mathematics, cities, books and all other hallmarks of civilization were created in Eurasia and not subsaharan Africa.

    1. GOD PEOPLE OWN The EARTH Especially AMERICA They Was the IST Black Humans EXODUS 4:6 JESUS CHRIST Black REVELATION 1:14,15 Moses Isrealites Jews Pharoh Abraham All Black Genesis 1:1-30 EXODUS 4:6 As Dr Martin Luther king Jr said Before Any Race if People we was Already Here FACTS

      1. At the end of the day all races have contributed to the building of America. Some provided the braun while others provided the brains.

        Black Africans were hunter gatherers more or less intl the 18th century and contributed very little to the advancement of civilization between the beginning of recorded history up until more recent times.

        Farming, animal husbandry, language, writing, mathematics, cities, books and all other hallmarks of civilization were created in Eurasia and not subsaharan Africa.

  3. Black People is the original people of Earth God Made EXODUS 4:6 He Given then the Whole Earth When they Sinned Against GOD They skin was changed From Black to White FLESH Leperous Snow Deadly Skin Numbers 12:10

  4. Yes, I believe Africans arrived in America before Columbus. Columbus admitted that the African were in America first.
    Africans Arrived 180 years before him

  5. First, let me thank you for blog and the “receipts”. To realize that the human story has been on an incredible continuum fueled by inspired visionaries is humbling and inspiring. How humans dealt with these visits and exchanges is what fascinates me. Some groups arrive, visit, and leave (Mansa Musa); others visit regularly, fight and pillage,
    the Vikings. Just amazing. Incredibles that humans can damage what has evolved over the millennium in a few hundred years.

  6. You can lose the racism everywhere schtick. If the “man” was out to hide this secret knowledge then why have I read about this in mainstream publications? There is nowhere near enough evidence to bet the house on, but there is plenty of information to warrant further research. The mainstream study of human evolution and archaeology is constantly changing as we discover new information. The evidence is everywhere. No one is holding anything back. You can decide to be serious about your field or you can be a carnival barker. 

    Oh, and no one credits Columbus with “discovery” anymore. So you can remove that from the racist Scrabble board. The even whiter Vikings are well known to have been in at least Canada well before this. Columbus gets the credit for opening the New Word to the West, meaning others followed his path. So lose your mind about racist Thor and hammers with too many consonants to pronounce if you insist on being unserious. Or you could be serious and encourage more research into this topic.

    1. Maybe Columbus does not get credit “anymore” but I was taught in the 80’s Columbus discovered America. It is still celebrated every year in the U.S.

        1. Say what you like about Columbus Day, but for those who want facts here they are:

          Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, is one of the most inconsistently celebrated U.S. holidays. It’s one of 11 official federal holidays, which means federal workers get a paid day off and there’s no mail delivery.

    2. Columbus and his sponsors were in a search for a shortcut to the far east or China and spices from Southeast Asia and considered his mission unfulfilled but he did discover up new lands for Europeans to settle and colonise.

      There was a rush to the New World and unfortunately almost 90% of indigenous peoples, who had arrived from Asia 13,000 years earlier and colonised north and South America died from exposure to European diseases from which they were not immune.

      Europeans colonised the original colonisers. It’s the history of humanity. One generation passeth away and another generation cometh yet the earth abideth forever.

      That said Black Africans had no prominent role in the development of North America other than as the enslaved muscle, most brought here to pick and process cotton.

      My own ancestors who settled on Ling Island record in their wills Black Slaves from 1638 to about 1820 when slavery was finally abolished in New York.

      They owned 2/4 slaves at anyone time and according to historians it would have been highly unusual for wealthy northern whites to own more than 12 at any one time.

      Black Africans were oppressed in America and were ironically sold into slavery by other Black Africans.

      At this time Black Africans were hunter gatherers and had not developed farming or animal husbandry. This was introduced by Europeans.

      I can understand why the ancestors of Black Africans want to prove they did more than provide wealthy white people with labor from 1500 to 1865 but that’s what happened.

      It’s a sad story, and unfortunately even after white Europeans freed America from Great Britain and devised an aspirational constitution the promise of that constitution has yet to be fulfilled.

      Blacks remained oppressed long after slavery was officially ended and Blacks weren’t permitted to contribute to society in meaningful ways beyond their labor.

      There are a handful of notable exceptions and the promise first put into language by Thomas Jefferson has yet to be fulfilled and many people would like to demonise that man as a slave holder but he was a man of the 18th century not the 21st century and had he not written that aspirational constitution would Black be better or worse off?

      Be careful of who you choose to demonise and why. That sane person may have saved thousands of lives and moved Black Africans to freedom much sooner or even saved them from a genocide.

      We will never know.

      Some blame him that he didn’t free his slaves, even his own mixed children but would they have been better off? Does anymore know? Perhaps he did what he believed was best for them.

      Jefferson belongs in a pantheon of great human beings for the good he did but it will take a while for people to argue this out.

      The pendulum swings.

  7. Wow! This is truly amazing I had to do research on evidence that people were in America before Columbus and as a black girl this really opened my eyes!

  8. People may have arrived but there wasn’t an established connection between the Americas and other non-American peoples until Columbus.

    Should you believe there was contact of a significant nature prior to Columbus you need to explain the complete lack of tobacco outside of the Americas until after Columbus’s arrival.

    Columbus was given tobacco as a gift at the first exchange. so the lack of tobacco in Africa and Asia well prior to Columbus is a strong sign that there may have been contact but it wasn’t ongoing and continuous.

    Discovery is not seeing something for the first time. It’s seeing something and communicating it broadly.

    Tobacco was introduced into Africa by the Turks in the 1600s and we know for a fact that Asia did not have pre-columbian tobacco because had they had tobacco it would have come across the Silk Road just like opium had in the pre-columbian era.

  9. Very interesting, however, it’s just not supported by credible sources. Were it true, at this point, in this age, we’d have scholars clamoring and publishing all sorts of narratives to tell the tale. This would forever alter our understanding of how humans expanded around the globe. Keep looking reaching for the stars because one day, we might just reach them.

  10. to :Dax, Brian Russell,Juan and Owen and any others who spew misinformation -You speak from a prospective of those who have benefited greatly from a false narrative that has been conditioned in the psyche of millions in Northern America for centuries. Most of you have never traveled internationally (if you have its more than likely limited to europe) so your outlook is limited to the racially bias views of those who have benefited from the corruption/ fraud that has placed them in your false position. Since this narrative has embolden you to feel superior and grant unlimited access to the resources here you’d never contest it- typical parasitic behavior. If you did the slightest amount of study youd know there were pyramids in North America before your white skin invaders were ever discovered on North American soil. Pyramids discovered near modern day St. Louis and “Cairo” IL- DO YOUR RESEARCH . Just as european invaders do to everything that proceeds them-they destroyed that history to make it their own.

    Truths are written and rewritten and documented and published by flawed/bias individuals with underline agendas-A white invader can stand behind false “truths” but “The Fact” is that the white invader Bozo Colombo didnt discover anything. Natives, Africans, Asians etc had been on this land centuries prior and established amazing civilization. White invaders did what invaders do- they brought disease, destruction and chaos. All other cultures came to be apart of the land, to give back what they take from harvesting- white invaders came to destroy and take from the land like the parasites they continue to be- never giving back. Youre a byproduct of corruption/fraud and so are your thoughts/ beliefs

    1. So misinformed that it’s impossible to respond.

      Good luck with that approach and all that anger.

      I will say this. Modern science proves the DNA of the Whitest Europeans and the Blackest Africans are nearly identical and the differences have nothing to do with intelligence.

  11. If Africans did arrive on the American continent prior to Columbus there should be some genetic evidence. Is there any?

    Have you considered that Mansu Musa was inventing a story to cover the disappearance of the previous Musa whom he might have overthrown?

    Gold is too soft to be of any use as a spear point except through alloying or as a ceremonial adornment.

    How likely was Columbus to see mosque-like buildings, bearing in mind that he did not set foot on North or central America?

    Where is the evidence of the ship building expertise that would have been necessary for the 1500 mile crossing of the Atlantic?

    If Africans had set out to cross the unknown width of the Atlantic, it is reasonable to think that they would have taken plants with them. Whilst there are many food plants like cassava, corn and sweet potatoes native to the Americas in Africa the same cannot be said for African food plants in the Americas prior to African enslavement in the Americas.

  12. If the Navigator was black common sense would lead me to think he sailed to these part of the high sea’s before this voyage, ladinos hispanicized Africans were soldier,servants,settlers,and slaves.Estebanico the black man,Stephen the Black born in Azamar Morocco, black conquistador and Pedro Alonso Nino,Francisco,Juan Nino owned the Santa Clara nickname La Niña and Pedro’s son Bartolommeo from the town of Moguer(in Huelva,Andalusia ,Spain)born in Spain but of African decent very experienced sailors of the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Voyage ,Cristoforo Colombo born in Genoa Italian seaport.Changed his name to Cristobol Colon after moving to Spain.Christopher Columbus the anglicized version we use today.Check the Library of Congress 1492 to 1892.

  13. mount Arrarat, anyone heard of it? It is in Africa where Noah, his wife, and three sons and their wives landed the ark. Everyone on earth came from them, black, white, red, brown, and yellow peoples. So, no matter what anyone says WE ALL CAME FROM AFRICA. Arguing bout who was here first…we all were here first because we are all genetically related to each other. Now see if you all can treat each other like you should treat yourselves and stop the racism as you’re only hating yourself by hating others. Damn fools.

    1. Science does prove Homo sapiens originated in Africa but Mount Arrarat is in Turkey not Africa. A simple google check can easily prove this and while many people have attended to find evidence of anything resembling an ark there all have failed.

      Science also proves that Homo Sapiens is a descendant of the great apes of Africa.

      The hypothesis goes like this. A mother chimpanzee like ape gave birth to a different type of baby one day who mated with other different ape-like babies and over millions of years we developed more cognative abilities than other apes and slowly came to dominate and kill them.

      There were approximately six other homo type apes that existed alongside Homo sapiens but they disappeared. Some were likely exterminated by our ancient ancestors but our DNA also indicates that were bred with some if them not unlike a horse can breed with a donkey to produce a mule.

  14. A thought-provoking inquiry into pre-Columbian African presence in the Americas, challenging conventional narratives and prompting us to reconsider our understanding of history.

    1. Marv, there’s nothing to reconsider here because 14th century Black Africans were hunter gatherers right up until more modern times, farming having been introduced to Subsaharan Africa by Europeans so it’s impossible for Black Africans to have built a ship that could cross the Atlantic Ocean nevermind 200 or 2000.

      That simply never happened and as there is zero evidence and they lacked the technology I don’t believe it can even be a plausible hypothesis

  15. Before I leave this blog I have one last comment to make about the writer’s ideas about “discovery”.

    The reason many scholars and historians credit Columbus with the “discovery of America” and why it’s not inaccurate to say so is because between the time, more than 14,000 years ago when Asians first crossed a land bridge that existed between North America and Asia, where the Bering Strait is today, and Columbus’s arrival the only other arrival to the Americas came from Scandinavia, Leif Eriksson and probably others – who left landed in Canada, left next to nothing here and never attempted to live here and never told anyone and Columbus’ arrival in 1492 the New World was unknown to anyone except the Asians who colonized the two continents over 14,000 years.

    When Columbus sailed east he and his sponsors were in search of a passage to China and the treasures of the Far East to circumvent the Silk Road.

    So, you see this was a discovery. Yes, Asians colonised the two continents first but who knew? No one!

    Early mathematicians tried to theorise the circumference of the earth and some were close but others fell far short because they knew nothing about the huge land mass between the Eurasian and African continents and China and visa versa.

    If more than 9/10ths if humanity had no clue the Americas existed and those who did didn’t know the 9/10ths existed it’s not unreasonable in fact it makes perfect sense to say Columbus discovered the Americas.

    If your 500th great grandfather made a piece of pottery 14,000 years ago and burried it in the sands of the desert and I came across it on an archaeological dig everyone will agree I discovered it.

    The English Lord who was on an archaeological dig in Egypt when King Tut’s tomb was found is said to have “discovered” King Tut’s tomb.

    For some reason there is a racist blinds spot, especially among Black Americans, who want to deny a white European “discovered” two continents. Some bleeding heart liberals are supporting these racist ideas.

    Let’s call it what it is: racism.

    It’s common practice to give credit to explorers, archaeologists credit for discovering things that were long forgotten, even while individuals lived on such discoveries.

    Don’t forget the people we refer to as indigenous peoples in America didn’t descend from an apelike being separately from Homo Sapiens. They are the descendants of the sane great apes you and I come from.

    These people were living in Asia about 14,000 years ago and crossed a land bridge as I explained above.

    No one can say if these continents were settled before they colonised the two continents.

    What’s the difference between the Asians who arrived over a long gone land bridge that has come and gone several times in earth’s long history and those who arrived on ships 14,000 years later from Europe on ships and colonised the two continents?

    My English ancestor was the first European to settle the East Hamptons on Long Island and that contract between my ancestor and the previous coloniser still exists. I had another ancestor who was the first to sign a contract with the previous colonisers to purchase land on Coney Island and several large parcels of land in what is Brooklyn today.

    Wasn’t he just one coloniser buying land from a previous coloniser or are you going to try to say the Asians who came across that land bridge 14,000 years ago weren’t colonisers?!?

    Food for thought!

    Nothing is as cut and dried as many would like. Denying Columbus the discover of the Americas is driven by racism and not racial thought and just as many white people have blind spots vis a vis race in America so do Black people.

  16. Words like it is said, instead of it is written are big problem in this article. Plus I’ve scoured the internet looking for Columbus journal entry and have come up empty handed. This arthour provided their sources, but their sources provided no sources. Just pure delusional fantasy.

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