Lamb Chops

What is there to say about lamb chops, other than every meat eater/lover should try making it at home for themselves. This recipe features my delicious red pepper marinade to make juicy and flavorful lamb chops. I promise you will bite your fingers when you eat this. Keep me posted.



  • Large bowl
  • Cast iron grill pan
  • Ziploc bag
  • Kitchen tong
  • Paper towel


  • Clean the lamb chops first. A quick rinse is just enough, so as to not remove all the natural flavor from the meat
  • Pat dry the lamb chops with paper towel, and season with salt to your liking
  • Transfer to a large Ziploc bag
  • Add the red pepper marinade; then some olive oil if needed
  • Combine well to coat

  • Allow seasoning to penetrate, at least two hours
  • Heat your cast iron grill pan over medium high heat
  • Add the butter and olive oil into the pan; then place the chops flat on the skillet
  • Cook until browned, then turn and cook on the other side until browned
  • Serve and sprinkle some freshly cut parsley for garnishing
  • Enjoy with your favorite side. I went with fried plantains (of course!)


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